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Criminal Law

Have you been accused of a crime? We can represent you in relation to any allegations of serious or minor criminal offences. These include violence, sexual offences, drugs offences, theft and fraud.
We represent clients at the police station, Magistrates' Court, Youth Court and Crown Court. Free legal aid is available for representation at the Police station and often for representation at court.
We can advise you on bail issues and appeals against conviction or sentence.
Your case matters to us and will be handled by a partner with many years of experience in the local courts.
For Criminal Law emergencies telephone 07771915398 day or night. Local Police stations also have our emergency contact details.
If you are ever arrested remember to ask for Stanley Hays
Please contact Robert Dawson


Whether you are buying or selling a house, it can prove to be a stressful time. For most people it is likely to be the biggest financial transaction they are ever involved in. 
At Stanley Hays it is our aim to ensure that your transaction runs as quickly and as smoothly as possible, from your initial instruction through to the completion of your sale or purchase.
For a free conveyancing quote without obligation for buying or selling a property please click the link below or call us on 01924 403809 
Whether you are a first time buyer or moving on, re-mortgaging or need advice on shared ownership or equity release or if you are selling or buying a property at auction Stanley Hays will be able to provide you with the advice you need. This may include advice on different methods of joint ownership and declarations of trust if joint buyers are not making equal contributions. 
If you are buying or selling or leasing a commercial property, we can provide specialist advice and assistance tailored to your circumstances
For Business sales and Commercial Leases contact Robert Dawson or Richard Walker


If you have not made a Will or your will is out of date (which may be worse than not having one at all!), we strongly advise that you contact us to make sure that your property, hard earned money and other assets pass in accordance with your wishes when you die. If you are in a second relationship and perhaps have children from a previous relationship or step children, we can assist with preparing a Will that will both provide for your new spouse/partner and also protect your children's inheritance. We can store your Will free of charge and provide you with copies. We offer home and hospital visits. We will always agree a fixed fee at your first meeting. 


When someone dies, you may need to apply for a “grant of probate” if there is a will or “letters of administration” if there is no will. This gives you the legal right to deal with the person’s property, money and possessions .We can help  with checking the will, advising on entitlement under the will, applying to the Probate Registry for the grant of probate or letters of administration, advising whether any inheritance tax is payable, completing the forms, collecting the assets, paying the debts, preparing estate accounts and distributing the estate to the people entitled to it.

Powers of Attorney

You need to consider what would happen to your assets and any business you may  own or have a share in if you were not able to manage your own affairs. A Lasting Power of Attorney lets you appoint someone to make decisions on your behalf. There are two types of Lasting Power of Attorney and they must be registered with the Office of the Public Guardian before the attorney can use them.
A Health and Welfare power allows you to appoint one or more people to make decisions about things like your daily routine, where you live, medical care, moving into a care home, medical treatment. It can only be used when someone is unable to make their own decisions.
A Property and Financial affairs Lasting Power of Attorney lets you appoint one more people to make decisions on your behalf about such things as paying bills, collecting benefits, managing your savings or selling your home

Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority claims

Have you been injured as a result of a crime of violence? A person may be eligible for an award under this Scheme if they sustain a criminal injury which is directly attributable to their being a direct victim of a crime of violence. We can help you make your claim for compensation
Contact:  Robert Dawson

Divorce and Family Law

At Stanley Hays we know that a divorce or separation can be a very difficult and emotional time and you may be worried about arrangements for your children, domestic violence, finances and the family home. 
We are here to help with your divorce or separation. We are committed to the constructive resolution of family disputes and where appropriate promote a non-confrontational approach to family problems encouraging solutions that consider the needs of the whole family - and in particular the best interests of children.
We can also advise you about and prepare separation agreements, living together agreements, pre-nuptial agreements, parental responsibility agreements and appointment of guardians by a will.
Many of our services can be provided for a fixed fee. For example our fixed fee for a divorce starts from £299 including VAT (plus any court fees). We will always discuss our charges with you at the outset of your case so that you will know where you stand.
We offer a free half hour for initial advice on divorce and family matters
Contact: Mitali Manuel

Free Advice Clinic

We offer a free advice clinic every Monday between 2 pm. and 3.30 pm. (except on Bank Holidays). 

No appointments are necessary- just call in and usually one of our solicitors will be able to see you for initial advice on any new legal problem. We try to see everyone that attends the clinic but sometimes you may have to wait to be seen or if necessary we will arrange to see you at another clinic session.

Our clients often find that we can resolve their problem as a result of this initial free legal advice. If that is not possible and further action is necessary we will happily discuss that with you and what might be involved.

Anything Else?

Through our membership of a network of independent solicitors, we can arrange for you to receive advice on any legal subject which might fall outside our own areas of expertise. 
If you wish to discuss any of the above, you can contact us on 01924 403809 or use the form on the contact section of our site